Kaneryo’s Passion

There are advantages that only we can offer.

Yoshiki Takagi, President and Representative Director

No other people in the world eat sea vegetable as much as the Japanese do.
Only recently have we Japanese come to know about the various nutrients and benefits of sea vegetable, and we can see how sea vegetable has been a food with many unknown aspects.
Our company “KANERYO Sea Vegetable” has been focusing on sea vegetable since its establishment in 1954.
Today, we have grown into a comprehensive manufacturer of sea vegetable products, handling everything from basic research to product development, manufacturing, and sales.
In particular, we are the largest producer and seller of “colored sea vegetable” such as Ogonori and Tosakanori, Mozuku and Mekabu products in Japan. We are grateful to our customers for their deepening understanding and interest in sea vegetable and for their use of our products.

However, the new relationship between sea vegetable and the Japanese people has only just begun. There must be many more nutrients and uses hidden in sea vegetable that we are unaware of. Our mission as one of the few “sea vegetable specialists” in the world is to continue to explore such possibilities. We sincerely hope to be of service to your health and business through the development and proposal of new sea vegetable products, whether food or non-food.

Yoshiki Takagi, President and Representative Director