history of the company

July, 1954 Ryoichi Takagi, the current chairman, starts a private wholesale business of marine products.
May, 1967 Ryoichi Takagi founded a sea vegetable processing business under the name Takagi Shoten at 1544 Sasahara-cho, Uto City, Kumamoto Prefecture.
May, 1967 New factory and storage tank at 1544 Sasahara-cho, Udo-shi, Kumamoto
June, 1968 Cold storage and storage warehouse added at the same location.
February, 1973 New storage facility for raw algae was established in Udo City, Kumamoto Prefecture (capable of storing 250 tons of raw algae).
April, 1977 Established Takagi Shoten Ltd. with capital of 3 million yen.
March, 1983 Built a new low-temperature warehouse on the first floor and a new head office on the second floor.
February, 1984 New purification facility (Capacity: 200 t/day).
May, 1984 Expanded raw algae storage tank (capable of storing 600 tons of raw algae).
February, 1986 Built a new sea vegetable processing plant for fresh sea vegetable.
February, 1986 Expanded raw algae storage tank (capable of storing 500 tons of raw algae).
June, 1988 Expanded the main plant and built a new sea vegetable drying and processing plant.
December, 1989 Raw algae storage tanks were added (capable of storing 500 tons of raw algae), enabling a storage capacity of 3,000 tons of sea vegetable.
April, 1992 Expanded purification facilities (treatment capacity of 400 tons/day).
May, 1993 Low-temperature warehouse of 150 sq. meters added.
June, 1993 Six-story head office building completed.
September, 1993 KANERYO Sea Vegetable Co. was established.
September, 1995 Sales support system Computerized.
June, 1997 Refrigerated and frozen warehouses were completed.
February, 1998 Automated cold storage warehouse completed.
June, 1999 Seasoned mozuku seaweed production line expanded and put into operation.
November, 2001 Sales Department CTI system introduced.
May, 2004 Newly constructed and started operation of Mekabu production line.
March, 2011 Sendai Plant begins operations.
August, 2011 Tokyo Sales Office established.
September, 2011 Osaka Liaison Office opened.
September, 2011 President Ryoichi Takagi became Chairman and Yoshiki Takagi, who had been Senior Managing Director, became President.
March, 2012 A Mekabu Joule machine (Takagi type heating and cooling machine) was introduced to the main factory.
September, 2012 Sendai Sales Office opened.
September, 2013 The headquarters plant has been certified by GFSI as a Safe Quality Food (SQF), which is the world’s highest level manufacturing system for producing safe and secure products.
September, 2013 The Kaneryo Foundation was established.
October, 2013 “Sanriku Miyagi Prefecture Mekabu” won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award.
March, 2014 The Sendai Freezing and Refrigeration Automated Warehouse went into full operation.
November, 2014 “Churaumi Mozuku” won the Housewife’s Grand Prize at the 25th National Seafood Processed Product Quality Judging Contest.
January, 2015 Start of Overseas Business
February, 2015 “Churaumi Mozuku” was selected as one of the “30 Best Foods to Buy at Supermarkets 2015.”
December, 2015 Additive-free “Ultimate Kombucha” was recognized as one of the 100 Best Culinary Kingdoms 2016.
June, 2016 The additive-free “Ultimate Kombucha” was awarded two stars by the “iTQi (International Taste Quality Index),” which is also known as the Michelin star for beverages and seasonings.
September, 2016 Started online store “Okagesama”
November, 2016 “Takumi no mozuku (three-purpose vinegar)” won the Dainippon Fisheries Association Chairman’s Award at the 27th National Seafood Processed Products Total Quality Judging Contest.
December, 2016 Additive-free “Ultimate Plum Kelp Tea” and “Happy Yellow Sugar (Organic Palm Sugar)” were recognized as one of the “100 Best Culinary Kingdom 2017.
February, 2017 The industry’s first product certified by the National Cardiovascular Center, “Karushio Shizuku” is launched.
July, 2017 The first private company to be certified by the Udo Wide-area Fire Department to sign the agreement.
September, 2017 Kaneryo Group Takagi Shoten 50th Anniversary
October, 2017 Recognized as a Kumamoto Bright Company.
October, 2017 “Sea Vegetable Salad” was selected as the only Japanese manufacturer for the Taste Innovation Show at ANUGA (Germany), the world’s largest food industry trade fair.
November, 2017 “Received the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award at the Kumamoto Prefecture Statistical Merit Award. “
December, 2017 “Tsunagu Wakame” won both the Dainippon Fisheries Association Chairman’s Award and the Housewife’s Grand Prize at the 28th National Seafood Processed Products Total Quality Judging.
December, 2017 The Sea Vegetable Granola was recognized as one of the 100 Culinary Kingdoms 2018.
March, 2018 Released Japan’s first functional food “Kaichou mozuku” (sea vegetable with a high intestinal function) as a processed mozuku product.