Professional Products

Salted Sea Vegetable

Kaneryo’s commercial-use colored sea vegetable is a trusted brand used by professional chefs.

  • 塩蔵 赤とさかのり
  • 塩蔵 青とさかのり
  • 塩蔵 白とさかのり
  • 塩蔵 おごのり
  • 海藻ミックス

Dried Sea Vegetable

This sea vegetable salad is widely used in restaurants and supermarkets throughout Japan.
Try our high quality of monochromatic colored sea vegetable.

  • 海藻サラダ
  • 焼き地のり
  • 青さのり
  • 長ひじき

Unique Sea Vegetables

We also handle sea vegetable that you are not familiar with. All are delicious and we mainly handle salted and dried products.

  • ふのり
  • 乾燥 紅杉のり


We have a wide assortment of seasoned MOZUKU.

  • 冷凍塩抜きもずく
  • 塩もずく(細)
  • 味付けもずく(三杯酢・土佐酢)
  • 塩もずく


Mekabu is a turnip with concentrated nutrients from WAKAME.

  • 細切りめかぶ
  • きざみめかぶ


Powdered sea vegetable for use in confectionery, baking, and noodle making, as well as sea vegetable noodles with a new texture.

  • シークリスタル(2mm)
  • シークリスタル(1mm)