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About Kaneryo

Demanding Safety and Quality from the Standpoint of the Consumer

Our Quality Control Department has a number of responsibilities.
The work of the QC staff covers a wide range of duties, from regular microorganism and physiochemical testing, to sanitary supervision of production lines and the work environment. Nevertheless, the QC Department's greatest and most fundamental mission is provide quality that exceeds the demands of our customers.

Research, Development, Enlightenment: Striving to be the World Standard in Sea vegetable Products.

Kaneryo Kaiso takes immense pride in our pursuit of new possibilities for sea vegetable products, and we endeavor to lead the active and demanding market for sea vegetable in Japan. QC is involved in all aspects of production, from incorporating strict control over selection of raw ingredients, to sanitary supervision and the various tests necessary throughout production. This is all done in order to provide our customers with the safest and most delicious sea vegetable products available.

Monitoring of raw material supply is performed through sanitary surveys of our suppliers and outsourcing partners through collaboration with our Production Department. Most companies perform sampling inspections at the post-production and pre-shipping steps; in addition to these tests, Kaneryo Kaiso performs testing on raw materials received and pre-production physiochemical testing. Our goal is to provide a higher level of food safety than other companies can provide. Additionally, each and every employee working in production is highly proactive in implementing thorough sanitary and hygiene checks.