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About Kaneryo

With feature of very low in calories and high in fiber, sea vegetable is popular as healthy diet option.
KANERYO Sea Vegetable CORP boasts the highest trading volume in sea vegetable products in Japan. We offer a wide variety of products, from our ever-popular colored sea vegetables to rare and hard-to-find sea vegetable delicacies. Only a pioneer in the sea vegetable industry such as KANERYO Sea Vegetable CORP can meet both the needs of Japanese and global consumers through our salted and dried products, as well as our numerous original items available exclusively through KANERYO Sea Vegetable CORP.

Suppliers from Around Japan and Around the Globe. Unwavering Support Even in the Face of Seasonal and Market Changes.

Companies such as KANERYO Sea Vegetable CORP that offer complete sea vegetable production solutions meets customers' request are extremely rare in Japan. Our network of over 200 suppliers within Japan and from around the globe enables us to offer such a wide variety of products. Such a robust network makes it possible for us to offer the highest quality products at reasonable prices, minimizing the effects of changes in market prices and seasonal trends.