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About Kaneryo

Combining Care and Skill to Provide the Best

Sea vegetable is shiny when freshly brought in for production, yet as this is an all-natural product, sometimes small sea creatures, stones, or shells are mixed with the sea vegetable. Since machines are unable to remove all of this foreign matter, it all must be done by well-trained, diligent human hands. Our production line, one of the top producing lines in Japan, features cutting-edge production control methods and special equipment and machinery developed in-house. Our sea vegetable professionals take care in their work and utilize special techniques to consistently provide delicious sea vegetable products to our customers.

Our factories feature is a very high level of automation, from production to packaging, but no matter how mechanized these processes become, our knowledgeable and hard-working staff fulfills the most important roles in our production.

Our talented and meticulous staff are indispensable in finding and removing any and all small pieces of foreign matter found in all products. We instill a strong sense of responsibility in our staff; they must understand the importance of their work to the consumer and must not allow a single defective product to pass inspection. We work jointly with equipment manufacturers jointly to develop original machinery, automated storage, and facilities in and around our production lines by introducing cutting-edge technologies. We also focus a lot of our energies on sanitary supervision, and employ a traceability system for our products that covers production, manufacture, and distribution. Our production system utilizes our manpower and technological resources to the fullest extent, and this attitude of focusing on quality and excellence is what sets us apart from our competitors.